The know-how

It all starts when Jean-Louis Domecq designs a lamp adapted to the needs of his activity, a simple, robust, articulated lamp with no cables in its joints.

Jean-Louis Domecq - Jieldé

Its system by circular and concentric contact in the articulated arms makes it its particularity, a revolutionary concept composed of chrysocale, an alloy of copper, zinc and tin.
The final model was born in 1953.

Schéma de la lampe Jieldé Lampe Jieldé en pièces détachées Histoire lampe Jieldé

The success is there: the “Jieldé” lamp invests factories, workshops, drawing tables.

L'histoire de la lampe Jieldé Ateliers utilisant la lampe Jieldé Lampe Jieldé Noir et Blanc
L'histoire de Jieldé Jieldé Histoire

It affects the general public because it leaves the industrial world to enchant the interiors of our homes, thanks to the multiplicity of finishes offered.

Photo lampe Jieldé la lampe Jieldé

The Jieldé, a star.

Dessin lampe Jieldé Lampe Jieldé dans Taxi Lampe Jieldé Bruce Willis Lampe Jieldé films

From then on, the “Standard” becomes “Loft”. In 2003, the “Signal” is born, which is a replica of the original lamp in smaller size. The “Augustin”, “Clément” and “Beaumont” and “Dante” suspensions will follow, the reissue of the “LaK” lamp and the Aicler range in 2019.

Lampe Jieldé sur bureau Lampe Jieldé Aicler Lampe Jieldé Suspension Lampe Jieldé Aicler

The lamps are still handmade, with the original tools, in the workshops of Saint Priest, in the suburbs of Lyon in France.

Fabrication lampe Jieldé Atelier fabrication lampe Jieldé Articulations lampes Jieldé

Each lamp manufactured is unique by its number. The collections offer a wide choice of colors and finishes.

Couleurs lampes Jieldé Lampe unique : Jieldé Couleurs lampes Jieldé Fabrication lampe Jieldé

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